The thing I always wanted to implement.

Laxman Rai
3 min readSep 8, 2021

I had this idea when I was into like 12th grade after I successfully managed to write a complete program on Java on how the ATM functions. I guess I wanted to perfect my Java skill but I always thought this would be a good idea but Java was not for it.

I don’t know if ride sharing was that much popular back then but what I had in mind is like what if you can create a place where users can list themself and donate the blood in need or ask for blood in need.

4.5 million Americans would die each year without lifesaving blood transfusions. ✓ Approximately 32,000 pints of blood are used each day in the US. ✓ Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. ✓ One out of every five people entering the hospital needs blood. Source:

What data would be integrated during user registration?

The data we store could be useful to track user health and suggest the needed information. The same information could be used for yearly census done by government if and only if user wants to share their data. The above user data is just a sample and could be added much more.

On user request blood type from his/her data is used to find similar blood groups around him just like the pathao riders are seen in map and the nearest people with same blood group are notified about the request.

The Notification only goes to those people which are capable to donate like donor gets notified only if his last donation exceeds 3 months, has no tattoo, diseases that can affect requester.

Once the donor is ready to donate blood then the requester gets the donor contact information and his health info. Requester and donor can be tracked in maps just like google maps search destination.

In case of donor which are not notified but wants to donate can see the list of future blood requirements i.e. blood donation camps and mark themselves.

What I’m trying to solve is why people should run for blood banks, people that are not interested to donate. Through the donations people get to meet new people and now they have blood relation as well so they become family. Thus, users will be “The Glboal Family”.

I know it’s ordinary and has no possible profitable outcome for investors but I won’t be able to fund it forever as well. I hope someone will understand what I’m trying so solve and make it a success.